Qualified electricitan or not? loose connections can cause fires

I was working in a home in Dalkey the other day. The immersion was not working. On removing the switch from the wall 3 connections came away from the switch. The householders friend had connected up the switch.

There were a few problems in the switch and immersion group. They were

  • bad connections.
  • missing link wire.
  • Thermostat incorrectly set.
  • incorrect connection on earth wire.

The loose connections could have caused a fire and the thing that prevented this was the missing link wire that the friend of the house owner did not install.

It may not be cheap to hire an electrician but it could save your life and your home from fire. Your life and home are not cheap either.

It is now illegal to work on most of the electrics in a home unless you are a certified electrician and registered with one of the certifing bodies, either ECSSA or RECI.

loose connections

loose connections cause fires